Our Team

David Devenish


Prior to leading Woodside church in Bedford David worked as a Civil Servant for the British Government in international trade negotiations, and then as an international banker. In the year 2000, he stopped overseeing church planting in the UK and started working in the Russian-Speaking world, laying foundations and training leaders. He also became increasingly involved in the part of the world known as the 10/40 Window. More recently David having led the Catalyst network, he’s now leading the Newfrontiers together team.

Charles Glass


Charles is married to Nikki, and they have four children and six grandchildren. He is a co-founder of a business and career coaching consultancy based in the City of London. He was a co-founder of the Newfrontiers International trust and a part of the leadership team of Trinity church London, a church plant in Waterloo. He has for a number of years worked with churches and church leaders in Turkey and Africa to support business initiatives that help plant and build churches.


The Seedfund team is made up of a range of business people and church leaders from across the UK based spheres of Newfrontiers. Many of them have direct links to countries we work in, and regularly visit to monitor progress and encourage the people we work with

Martyn Dunsford

International co-ordinator

Martyn is married to Gaynor and they have 3 adult children and 3 grandchildren, so far. For 30 years, Martyn was Pastor of King’s Community Church, Southampton, UK and is engaged in international mission in over 50 nations. He is founder of Seed Fund and also of Care and Relief for the Young (CRY). Both charities operate alongside church planting initiatives among unreached peoples and poor communities.