Burkina Faso Case Study

SeedFund has recently become involved in this war torn and economically poor country through a church leader who is planting a church amongst refugees. We have been able to help start 5 business so far, with another two in the planning stage, from a loan of £3,000.

They include a market garden, seed and bean growing, a poultry farm, a men’s hairdresser and a car park. These provide income for a total of 31 individuals and their families.This has proved to be a very successful entrepreneurial venture – the projects having significant impact in the community and for the outreach of the church.

The combination of a very effective project manager on the ground and a strong sense of peer accountability has been very fruitful. A total of £1,000 has already been repaid, allowing potential new businesses to start.

We are keen to support this work further, and possibly extend it through good contacts to a neighboring country.

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